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Passenger and Vehicle Fares : Steilacoom, Anderson, and Ketron Islands

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WALK-ON or PASSENGER FARES (Round Trip Year-Round Fares)
  Adults (Ages 19 and older) $5.00
  Children (Ages 6 through 18) $3.40
  Children (Under Age 6) FREE
(1) See below Senior or Disabled Citizens $2.50
(2) See below Commuter Passenger (5 round trips) $20.00

(1) Senior citizens, age 65 or older, must show proof of age with valid photo identification or present Regional Reduce Fare permit. Disabled passengers must present valid disability identification at the time of boarding (Regional Reduce Fare permit, or VA certification of greater than 40% disability level, Medicare Card or regional ADA paratransit card.)

(2) Commuter tickets are valid for 40 days from date of purchase until the expiration date indicated on each ticket. They may be used by only one person per vehicle per trip and may not be used by other vehicles or persons waiting to board the ferry. Present the booklet when boarding. Commuter tickets are void if detached from the booklet, or if the staple has been removed or tampered with. Refunds for unused tickets shall be per the written policy of the Public Works and Utilities Department.

Effective 1 January 2012:
  • Ticket Prices will be increased. No refunds will be issued after Feb. 15, 2012 for tickets purchased prior to the change.
  • Exempt Passenger/Vehicle category is eliminated. Tickets will need to be purchased prior to boarding.
  • For service departing from Ketron Island, you must make a reservation at least 20 minutes in advance by calling 253 588-1950.
  • The first Sunday ferry run will leave at 6:45 a.m. from Steilacoom to Ketron Island.

    Non-peak Season
    Peak Season
    May 15 - Sept 15
    (3) See below Vehicle (includes driver)    
      Up to and including 21 foot length $16.80 $21.00
      Up to 21 foot Commuter
    5 round trips
    $67.15 $67.15
    (1) See above Up to and including 21 foot length -
    Senior or disabled citizen
    $14.00 $17.55
      21 feet to under 30 feet $34.00 $42.50
      30 feet to under 40 feet $54.15 $67.70
      40 feet to under 50 feet $72.25 $90.30
      50 feet to under 60 feet $90.30 $112.85
      60 feet to under 70 feet $108.35 $135.45
      70 feet to under 80 feet $132.75 $165.95
      80 feet and under 90 feet $157.20 $196.50
      90 feet and greater $185.900 $232.35
    (4) See below Motorcycle/stowage (includes driver) $9.05 $11.30
    (2) See above

    Motorcycle Commuter (5 round trips)

    $36.10 $36.10

    3-Wheel Vehicle

    $10.60 $13.30
      Bicycle (No cost, one bicycle included with one passenger fare.)    
    (5) See below Exempt vehicles (No cost)    

    (3) Vehicle length is measured from furthest protruding item at the front of the vehicle to the furthest protruding item at the rear of the vehicle and/or trailer. Logging trucks, whether loaded or unloaded, will be charged under the 50 to 60 foot category.

    (4) Large carry-on items including kayaks, canoes and other items of comparable size, which are typically stowed on the vehicle deck of the vessel, shall be charged at the motorcycle rate. This rate includes the fare for the walk-on passenger carrying the item to be stowed.

    (5) All vehicles with a tax-exempt license plate, and the occupants, will be provided free passage when conducting official governmental or institutional business on the islands.

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